Norfolk Fallow Deer Antler

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Our Norfolk Fallow Deer Antler are a wonderful chew treat for your dog. 

  • Long lasting and irresistible
  • Totally natural and free from any additives or preservatives 
  • Odourless
  • Great health benefits
  • Chewing helps teeth 
  • High in Collagen (good for bones, tendons & cartridge)
  • High in Calcium, Magnesium and Iron too!

Our Fallow Deer Antlers are sourced from a free range farm in Norfolk. The antlers are then washed, cut into various sizes and sanded to remove any sharp edges. 

Available in 6 sizes:

  • Puppy (up to 30g)
  • Small (30g - 60g)
  • Medium (60g - 100g)
  • Large (100g - 150g)
  • Extra Large (150g - 200g)
  • Huge (Over 200g)

Fallow Deer Antler is slightly softer than other deer antlers, so the risk of breaking teeth is hugely reduced. 

We can also sell complete antlers and pairs of antlers. Please contact us for further information.